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About us


Quimiberica S.A is a family business dedicated to the design, manufacture, packaging and marketing of tubes, antifreezes, lubricants, and auxiliary chemicals for the automotive and industrial sectors.

Quimiberica was created in 1960 by the hand of its founder, Don Antonio Jáuregui, beginning a long trajectory of business and personal success, achieved thanks to the effort, perseverance and love for a job well done that has always characterized him, and that he has been able to transmit to his family and to the professionals who support the Brook’s brand.

As manufacturers, we are one of the few companies in the sector that has its own packaging plant for tubes smaller than 1 litre of lubricating oil, as well as the first company in Spain to start the manufacture of antifreeze for closed circuits.



What we do


Quimiberica SA is a company certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 by SGS, therefore we guarantee high quality in all our manufacturing processes under the exhaustive supervision of the SGS firm through the study and analysis of periodic audits.

We are characterized by the traceability of our products, which undergo various analyses throughout the production process, ensuring that no contamination of any kind occurs, and that the product is always in the best conditions.

We have more than 200 different products manufactured in our facilities in La Rioja, that allow us to supply the entire market demand. In addition, we are constantly developing new formulas and improving our facilities, with the aim of offering the best products to the market.





Our facilities have been created in the most efficient way possible, with the sole objective of manufacturing high quality products, as proved by the many multinationals that trust on our know-how every day.

Both our laboratory and our production plant have high-quality equipment and the latest technology that allows us to carry out an exhaustive control of our products from the beginning of manufacturing until they are packaged and ready to be shipped to our customers.